Hamilton police: ‘no one has been ruled out’ in PC nomination investigation

Jessica Smith Cross QP Briefing - December 1, 2017

PC Leader Patrick Brown said Friday that none of his inner circle is under investigation in the criminal probe in the PC nomination in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas.

Police, however, describe their investigation differently.

PC president Rick Dykstra and executive director Bob Stanley were present at the disputed nomination vote at Ancaster High School on May 7. Asked Friday if those two senior Tories are under investigation, Brown said they are not.

“No one in my office, no one in my campaign team, and no one in our headquarters are under investigation, and those individuals would fall under that broad definition,” said Brown, at a media availability alongside Toronto Mayor John Tory Friday.

Asked to confirm that, a police spokesperson said that "everybody is being reviewed."

“We’re confirming that no one has been ruled out during our investigation,” Hamilton Police spokeswoman Const. Lorraine Edwards told QP Briefing Friday, adding that her statement isn't with respect to any particular individual.

Brown had previously said no one from his office, campaign team or party headquarters had been interviewed by police, and police confirmed that to be true.

The Tories have turned over ballots, voter identification forms and emails to police. Asked Friday if any of those emails were to or from him, Brown did not directly answer the question.

"I do know that our office disclosed everything that was asked. Anything that was of interest we provided," he said.

According to court documents, police searched what they obtained from the party for evidence of fraud and uttering a forged document, and retained the items and emails.

Police say their investigation is likely to last into the new year, leaving it hanging over Brown as he leads the Tories toward the spring election, touring the province and touting the promises he's made in his party's platform, dubbed the People's Guarantee.

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