Expelled from Patrick Brown's PC Party ... "because!"

Jim Karahalios - November 30, 2017

The sham PC “policy convention” - or as I like to call it, the PC rally - finally took place last Saturday, November 25, in Toronto.

At the rally, Brown announced his election campaign platform. It was so underwhelming that National Post columnist Andrew Coyne said it was "of such iridescent vapidity it might have better been titled Nothing To See Here." Click here to read more.

I had a keen interest in attending the rally as I had already exposed it as being founded on one lie after another. I had previously shared these concerns with the PC executive in formal correspondence, but with no response:

  • Brown and the PC Executive were calling it a “Policy Conference”, which it wasn’t;
  • They said it was “constitutional” with regards to the PC constitution, which it wasn’t; and
  • They claimed it was somehow attached to a legitimate “process”, which it wasn’t.

Click here to read my letter to the PC executive regarding their policy process.